Music Lessons

Have a kid that loves to sing?!

Voice Lessons with Surya teach young singers breath support, sight-singing, scales, solfege, songs and more!

Can’t stop drumming on everything?!

Drum Lessons teach students stick control, coordination, how to groove, rhythmic notation and diverse styles of playing from jazz to rock.

Want a strong musical foundation?

Beginning piano lessons teach technique, how to read and write music, ear-training, scales, chords and songs!

Surya is a music educator with a Bachelors of Music from the Oberlin Conservatory in Ohio. He has been teaching music for over 15 years, offering private lessons in voice, drums, and beginning piano. Surya teaches out of his own studio in San Pablo, CA. He teaches ages 5 and up, and has experience working with different learning styles.

In lessons with Surya, students learn to approach their instrument with solid technique, intelligence and creativity. Lessons are fun, accessible and well-paced. All lessons involve a combination of learning by ear and learning by reading music notation. Lessons include fundamentals like getting a good sound and good posture, ear-training and hearing musical patterns, learning to read music, tempo guidance, and learning to play songs. Students bring their own binder with paper where Surya writes down what was done in the lesson and what material to practice during the week.

Surya is a patient teacher and is very supportive in the student's learning process. Each person has a different learning style. Surya modifies the pace of the lesson to fit the student, so they can master the material at hand. Studying music can open up a whole world of sound, imagination and joy, and Surya seeks to establish a healthy relationship to that world.

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Why Choose Surya Music Lessons?

  • Skilled, Knowledgeable and Patient Instructor
  • Informative and Affordable Lessons
  • Passion For Music Education
  • Affordable Rates:
    • 30 minutes - $35
    • 45 minutes - $50
    • 60 minutes - $70

"I've known Surya for some time and I've found him to be kind, patient, and passionate. He is a talented teacher that cares about his students; not only their progress in exploring themselves as musicians but also in simply who they are. Encouragement and empowerment are powerful tools to the teacher of any subject or skill; Surya understands this and lives it." ~ David P.


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